Lets Make Lemonade

Life can certainly through a lot of lemons our way.  Whether its obstacles, issues or stumbling blocks each of these struggles can cause us to deviate from our path and through us of course.  During these adversities, you need to stand up and have a can-do attitude.

The comparison of lemons to lemonade and the journey of life certainly mirror one another.  As we all know, lemons have a real bitter flavor and can leave an unpleasant taste if we allow the juices to penetrate our taste buds.  On the other hand, lemonade is a sweet drink and can tantalize our palate and leave us thirsty for more.

The Crisis

When you’re met with a crisis and the challenge seems overwhelming, are you going to let this event define your reality?  Your response will always depend on your attitude and the choice you make.  Are you willing to respond to these trials with a willingness to change?

When difficulties come and yes they will appear as you go down the path of success, you have to decide what route to take.  You can either feel defeated and believe your life is out of control or change the game plan.  You need to brainstorm and ask yourself a few questions.  How I am going to resolve this issue?  What can I do different?  What purpose does this serve?  I need to look for the lesson and change my perspective.

Your Solution

I would hope you will consider making the difficult choice and see these challenges as a spiritual awakening.  Your quest and purpose in life is to pursue happiness and optimism.    The lessons we encounter help to strengthen our character and give us the courage we need to move forward.  Without crossroads we could not grow and evolve in the person we are destined to become.

A perfect example of someone turning Lemonade into Lemons is Colonel Sanders who created the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chain at the age of 66.  Before coming the  world famous Colonel, he was a sixth grade dropout, worked on a farm, was a fireman, railroad worker, insurance salesman, a gas station operation, motel attendant and finally a restaurant entrepreneur.

Colonel Sander’s father died when he was five and his mother had to take a job peeling tomatoes at a factory.  Sander’s was in charge of taking care of his siblings and had to learn how to cook in order to feed them.  He quit school in order to get a job at the age of ten to provide for his family.  They were very poor and barely had enough money to support the family.

Colonel Sanders was a perfectionist. He was prideful with his product and had very high standards.  He faced life’s greatest struggles with dignity, compassion and was in an industry to serve others.

So the next time you’re given a handful of lemons, make your lemonade with confidence, enthusiasm, passion, love and conviction!  Do not measure your life by the amount of lemons you have, instead lift your glass and toast to a life of abundant possibilities!

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