How to Keep a Positive Attitude

Staying positive and have enthusiasm for life is a Choicand vital for success in life and business.  Challenges are part of life and it can be very difficult to keep a positive attitude when your family becomes demanding, your boss is giving you unreasonable timelines, the creditors are calling and you have laundry piled to the ceiling.  However, there are techniques and skills you can do to maintain a positive attitude and keep focused on your vision.

Below are 3  helpful tips to keep you moving forward:

Take Responsibility For Your Own Attitude.

Attitude does not emerge from what happens to you, but instead from how you react when you are going through the storm.   At any given moment you can have the attitude of a victor or victim.  The very first step required to own your attitude is to make a mind shift and take control of it.  It can be very empowering when you realize you have Total Control on how you act and react to a specific situation.  Have the attitude of a victor by declaring:

  • I am going to win this battle
  • I declare I am worthy to receive
  • I am in charge of my own destiny

Start Using A Positive Vocabulary.

It’s important to choose our words wisely.   There is strength and creative power in the words we use and they can have a direct impact on our lives and the lives of others.  When we understand the power of words, we have the opportunity to transform our lives in a positive direction.  To reach this pinnacle, you need to reprogram your mind by using positive declarations and affirmations.

Words can become self-fulfilling prophecies.    Do you ever find yourself saying things like this?

  • Nothing good ever happens to me.
  • I will never get out of debt.
  • I will never finish my degree.
  • I am not smart enough to start my own business

Remember words have seed power.  Learn, think and speak as an abundant person.  What do you want to harvest in your garden? Do you want to be free of debt, toxic relationships, a new job?  Then make the shift and start planting good seeds of Success, Happiness and Abundance.

Keeping a positive attitude takes work and there is no easy remedy for this skill.  However, practice does make perfect.  I hope these tips will encourage you to keep pushing forward, maximize your strengths and achievements and minimize your weakness.

Ignore the Naysayers and Complainers.

The naysayers and complainers see life through rose colored glasses.    Their view is skewed and they would rather complain and talk about everything that has gone wrong rather than offering solutions.  More importantly, the naysayers and complainers love company and have a very difficult time seeing somebody else happy and satisfied.

Keep the naysayers and complainers arms length away and surround yourself with positive people. Be around people who will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals.  Allow them to empower you to make changes and congratulate you on your successes!

Don’t allow anyone or anything to distinguish your light before you can shine!

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