5 Ways To Build Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Build Your Confidence and Soar To New Heights!

If I could point out one challenge my clients face on a daily basis it would be confidence.  In order to build your confidence, you have to work at it each day.  Your confidence muscle is similar to others muscles in your body which means they need to be worked both emotionally and physically.  

It’s like anything in life, if you want to be a great baseball player, pianist or singer it takes practice. You have to work your plan, prepare and be consistent with your training.

For most of us, we tend to be pulled in a thousand different directions and we just don’t have the time to socialize.  We spend so much time on our iPhones and computers, we tend to make more virtual friends instead of real friends.

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If you are having a difficult time meeting people, engaging with others or just making new friends, let me provide you with 5 Tips you can implement today to build your confidence and ultimately, increase your self-esteem.

5 ways to build your confidence

5 Tips To Build Your Confidence

When you feel good about yourself, you will begin to attract the right people and events, empowering you to achieve success.  So let’s begin:

1.  Body Language

Appear happy and friendly and take notice of your body language.  Your posture should be relaxed and be sure to keep your back straight. This shows people you are comfortable and confident. 

  • Make eye contact – It shows you are trustworthy, honest, and sincere.
  • Lean in – When you’re conversing, leaning forward indicates your are interested and paying attention.
  • Firm Handshake – A weak or limpy handshake indicates low self confidence.  Make a point to shake someone’s hand firmly and with a smile.

2.  Give Genuine Compliments

Compliment others and be genuine.  Giving compliments is a true and tried accolade providing a positive boost not only for the recipient but also for you!!

When you take the time to give a thoughtful, genuine praise to another person it strengthens your confidence and boosts your self-esteem.

The act of giving compliments creates a chain reaction where others will perform selfless acts of kindness… words have the power to change the world.

3.  Active Listening

By being an active listener involves more than just hearing someone talk. When you are paying attention and interested in what a person is saying you are practicing active listening.

Which means you are listening will all your senses and giving your undivided attention to the person with whom you are speaking with.

Why Practice Active Listening?

Active listening allows you to earn the trust of others by offering them support and assistance. You are inevitably redirecting your problems by helping others through their circumstances.

By supporting others you open yourself up to a whole new world. You’re solving problems, seeing different points of view and gaining new perspectives. You will develop patience and tolerance by solving and understanding their situations.

By actively listening your confidence and self-esteem will definitely grow to new levels!

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4.  Stay Positive

Staying positive while your confidence is low can be a very daunting task.  However, there are still many things you can focus on to improve the quality of life enabling you to increase your confidence and self-esteem.   

Remove the Negative Self-Talk.

Start with articulating and acknowledging the thoughts which are weighing you down. The ones that don’t serve any useful purpose beyond keeping you stuck. Release those statements, such as, “I forgive myself for procrastinating” or “It’s okay for me to be angry”.

If you spend less being stressed out for procrastinating, you can redirect the energy into breaking down a project or task into manageable tasks and actually tackling your to-do list.

Commit To Success

5.  Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Low self-esteem stems from feeling inferior.  Your personal mission is to be better today than you were yesterday.   Part of what makes life awesome and interesting is learning from the talents of others.

Instead of trying to be as good or better than others, focus your energy on being the very best version of yourself.  Remember comparing will always steal your joy and happiness.

But even more than that, it prevents us from fully living our lives. It calls us to envy someone else’s life and seek theirs rather than ours. It robs us of our most precious possession; life itself.

Final Thoughts

Accept where you are – right now!! This may be uncomfortable but do it anyways.  Ask your higher self to guide you and let go of the sadness.  Be BRAVE!  Look around and notice what you have created from low self-confidence…  hard as it may be, it’s necessary in order to move forward.

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