6 Things You Can Do Everyday To Improve Your Confidence

Confidence is something you have to create each day. It’s the power within you that unleashes every time you accomplish your goal. With each target you reach, your confidence improves enhancing your performance.

However, fear can play a major role in your confidence paralyzing you and preventing you from fulfilling your dreams. You need to look fear in the eye and decide if it is going to keep you stuck in a rut or motivate you to move forward.

Your choice will determine the outcome.  Fear can keep you complacent and hold you captive or it can make you bold and assertive. Observe a mother when her child or loved one is in danger. All of a sudden, she has supernatural courage and strength and will do anything to rescue them.

5 easy steps to build your confidence

If you are having a difficult time overcoming the fear and gaining confidence, you may be interested in my Confidence Course: 5 Steps to Build Your Confidence and Achieve Your Goals. It will help you break free from obstacles, fear and anxiety holding you back from living a life of abundance and happiness.

Breaking through this fear and having the courage to correct your situation takes strength and perseverance.   Most people give up on their goals when they hit an obstacle or road block.  My goal is to encourage you to BE FEARLESS and increase your confidence.

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Life is full of lessons and if you want to be promoted to the next level, you have to pass the test.  Who said life was easy?   Life is full of challenges and can test us in ways we never could have imagined.  The power lies in passing these tests and seeing the rainbow on the other side.  Are you willing to put in the work to see your pot of gold?

To be successful, redefine what it means to be a failure.  If something did not work out the way you planned it’s the universe telling you to reevaluate your circumstances, use the information you have gained, adjust your plan and try a new approach.

As I used to tell my first graders, get up and dust yourself off, you’re going to be okay.  Do a course correction and start heading in a new direction.

If you need additional assistance committing to your success then may I suggest The 3 C’s. This is a 10 Day Energizing Challenge to boost your energy, build your Confidence, stay Committed and gain Clarity.

Building Your Confidence

Below are 6 Steps you can use the next time you feel overwhelmed by obstacles and need to build your confidence:

  1. Clear Your Mind – Relax, Breathe or Meditate. Don’t think about success or failure just be in the moment
  2. Define Your Goal – Have a clear defined goal.  You may have to deviate or alter your goals to remove the roadblocks.
  3. Focus on Your Target – Roadblocks will always occur when you moving down the road to success but keep your eye focused on the prize.
  4. Have Strength and Perseverance  –  Draw strength from your inner power.  It’s always been there and these are the times to lay claim to it.
  5. Follow Through – Don’t stop or slow down until you have achieved your goal.  Believe in yourself and visualize yourself at your destination.
  6. Commit To Success – Be positive, energetic and shine your light.  Show absolute determination and you will see your dreams become your reality.

Success is a total commitment until you achieve your goal. Such absolute determination will move mountains. It requires hard work, mental concentration and overcoming your personal weakness. It demands hard work mentally and physically.

Luca + Danni Inhale Confidence Bangle

Achieving your dream will always create stress, fear and doubt but the experience is precisely what is necessary for your breakthrough to occur.  It’s always fulfilling when the journey is easy and everything seems to be coming up roses, however, your character is defined when you are going through the storm.

A breakthrough occurs when you face your fears head on and walk through it. You cannot place it on the sideline or wish it away. 

By making an empowering decision under duress, it gives you the confidence to overcome obstacles and break through barriers the next time they obstruct your path.   It’s always the most rewarding when you go through the difficult moments and you are on the other side.

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