5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Life and Stay Motivated

How often have you openly declared, this is the year you are going to Improve Your Life!  But every time you begin, you come up with every excuse, crippling your progress, your confidence falls and you stop even before you began.

Does this resonate with anyone?

Well no more excuses.  Today is the day to take responsibility and accountability to improve your life.  If you are consistent with these 5 Easy Steps they will transform your life!  So are you ready?  Then let’s do this.

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Life


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Be Open For Change.

In order to become a proficient in stepping outside of your comfort zone, it’s important to understand the behavior patterns causing you to remain stuck in a rut. 

Having control and certainty about every aspect of your life is what keeps us complacent.   Just think about how few risks you would take, if you had to be certain of the result before taking action:

  • You would not get in your car, drive to the store unless you were certain, you would avoid getting in an accident.
  • You would not accept a promotion unless you were sure you could live up to the new responsibilities and expectations.
  • You would not make new friends unless you were sure they would approve of you.

The truth of the matter is there are many areas of life where we have stopped worrying about potential disasters, by surrendering and trusting in the process.

Do you know you can apply this same level of trust to any action in your life?  How do you learn to worry less and trust more? Like anything else, you practice.  You can systematically break patterns and routines by doing something different.

Yes, it takes patience, courage, commitment and bravery, however, when you get on the other side and see the results, it will be worth it.


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Stay Organized.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to get organized.  Creating a “To Do” list can make you very proficient and if you have not already purchased an organizer, I highly suggest you do. 

If I could offer one word of advice: It’s to follow the KISS principle (Keep it Simple, Sincere).  The KISS principle is key in working efficiently and staying organized. Most people tend to over complicate a task or become overwhelmed with a specific project.

Starting is always the most difficult, so in order to get organized, start with something that motivates you.  For example, some people are motivated by performing the most difficult task first.

If this resonates with you, then start organizing your storage closet, you know the one you keep forcing and pushing more items into… and then you need the weight of your body to close the door!!  Yes, I see you!

But if your looking for a BIG win, then pick something a little easier to complete and organize.  Perhaps rearranging your silverware drawer or cleaning out that junk drawer where items just seem to randomly appear each week.

And if you’re still having issues getting organized, then turn on the jams.  Music can be very stimulating and keep you moving.

Tune into your favorite playlist and let the organization begin.  Just think… if you listen to at least 3 or 4 songs, you would have been organizing for at least 10 minutes! May I suggest my latest Feel Good playlist. Take a listen and let’s get this organization party started!!


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Commit To Success

Pay Off Debt.

It is no surprise that financial debt can cause stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

However, the most important step you can do – TODAY, is to make a plan and start the process.   Whether it’s working with creditors, your bank or utility companies, all of them are all willing to negotiate a payment plan.  They would rather receive some payment than none at all.

It’s about facing your reality even if it hurts or you feel uncomfortable about it.  Let me ask you a very simple question:

Do you avoid opening those pesty credit card bills?  If you answered yes, then I am guessing you may be depressed or stressed about how much debt has been accumulated.  However, there is ALWAYS a way out.

First, you have to create a budget.  You only have so much money coming in and you to balance it with your expenses going out.  Sit down with a pencil and paper and write down every monthly expense.

When it is written in black and white its takes on a life of it’s own.  If your spending more money than you are receiving, we have a little issue.  Like I mentioned earlier, all creditors are willing to negotiate a payment plan, however, you need to stay committed throughout the process in order to reduce your debt.

If you are having a difficult time managing your own finances, then reach out to a debt specialists.  They will help you create a budget to pay off your debt and build up your savings account. Once you manage your financial stress, the anxiety and depression will slowly drift away and your confidence level will automatically rise up!

Commit To Success

Stay Active.

If you are serious about improving your life and managing stress, then you must achieve a healthy, active lifestyle.

Regular exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. It can make you feel energized boosting your confidence and mental strength.  An exercise program doesn’t need to be super complicated to provide meaningful benefits. Even a 30 minute walk, three times a week can significantly help combat depression and improve one’s sense of self-worth.

Research has shown staying active:

Below are a couple of basic exercises you can incorporate in your daily life:

Whatever exercise you decide to do, make it versatile and fun.  Any exercise activity which promotes a healthier lifestyle will leave you feeling Happy, Motivated and Rejuvenated. It’s about staying committed and persistent to see lasting results.

Eat Healthy.

The food we eat can have a great impact on our mood and if you want to improve your life, feel good, then you have to include some of the foods that will naturally lift your spirits.  There are superfoods that have been clinically proven to fight depression, lift energy, ease anxiety and generally make you feel good.  Start you day out right and consider these mood-boosting foods to help cheer you up!

  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Blueberries
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Honey
  • Coconut
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Avocado
  • Grapefruit

If a single food was guaranteed to make you instantly slim or happy, the stores would have to fight back aggressive shoppers. 

However, the goal is to eat a variety of healthy, nutritious foods rather than focusing on a one magic bullet.  The next time you’re out shopping select a piece of fruit instead that bag of candy.  Your body will thank you tomorrow!

I am so happy you stopped by to create a Healthier New You!  


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