30 Day Health Challenge | Stay Motivated & Inspired

This 30 Day Health Challenge involves keeping you motivated and inspired to achieve your goals and become a healthier you.  With anything in life, the more you stay consistent and committed the more successful you will become.

Some of these tasks will be easier than others.  However, the ones which seem more demanding will demonstrate the areas you need to focus on.

I know it can be very exciting when you begin any new health challenge, but it can also be difficult to stay motivated.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon, just dust yourself off and begin again. The sooner you begin the closer you will be to achieving your goals.


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 30 day challenge to stay motivated

Why a 30 Day Challenge?

Building any routine takes time and patience and in order to change a habit into a routine it takes at least 30-45 days.  This focused approached can be very beneficial physically, mentally and emotionally.

I work best when I break down a challenge into manageable pieces. This approach will not be overwhelming and if you forget to do the task just begin again the very next day.

A 30 Day Challenge is to keep you motivated and challenged enabling you reach your final destination. There is freedom in feeling empowered, productive which will contribute to a happy, healthier you!

30 Day Challenge For a Healthier You

As you progress through the challenge, realize each day is centered around being healthier emotionally, physically and mentally.

For example on Day 1 – “Make a List of Your Victories”.  When we celebrate our victories (large or small) it allows us to stay motivated and empowered increasing our confidence and mental capacity.  

Then on Day 2 – “Don’t Eat After 8:00 pm” or as  it is also commonly stated “After Eight is Too Late.”  We tend to over eat in the evening and some of our food decisions are guided by our emotional state.  So keep focused on why you started the challenge and lets sweep that emotional baggage to the curb. 

On Day 3 – “Eat at Home and Try a New Recipe”. When you eat at home you stay away from processed food, added sugars and salt. Prepare something healthy and create a special tablescape making the food preparation something to celebrate. Your physical body will Thank You!

By the end of the 30 day challenge you will have a created a habit and will begin to see physical changes in your body. Not all of the tasks will be easy to fulfill, however, those tasks you find difficult are the ones that need extra attention.

Are you ready to tackle the 30 Day Health Challenge?

Click on the PDF Document Below:

30 day Challenge

When you complete the 30 Day Health Challenge,  you need to congratulate yourself on a job well done and reward yourself with a small gift. 

These victories provide you the motivation to keep moving forward.  I believe in YOU!! but I want you to believe in yourself.  You have everything you need – Right Now – to achieve your goals and dreams.


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Also, consider getting the Fit Book Journal. It’s full of inspiration, a checklist to track your progress, food log activities, a workout schedule, nutritional tracker and an area to check in each day enabling you to achieve a healthier new you!

Fit book journal

Fit book journal

Remember:  “Where your focus goes, your energy flows.”  If you had some difficulties getting through the challenge… No worries, dust yourself off and begin again.

You have all the tools in your toolbox and it’s about staying consistent and committed. 


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I am so happy you stopped by to create a Healthier New You!   My goal was to provide you with some motivation and inspiration to ignite your light and reach for the stars.

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I am so happy you stopped by to create a Healthier New You!  

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