5 Techniques To Discover Your Life’s Purpose and Pursue What Sets Your Soul On Fire

What is your life purpose and how do you Find Your Passion?  These type of questions are constantly being asked over and over again.   The answer is right there and resonates from your heart.  The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what is the one thing I absolutely LOVE to do and I do better than anyone else. 

Please don’t make your answer “I just want to help people.”  That is a wonderful gesture and I think it is quite noble of you, however, I want you to probe a little deeper.

Okay, you know you want to help people.  The next question to contemplate is what capacity do you see yourself helping people.  Do you want to help clothe people, feed people, inspire people, coach people?  You see how broad this topic appears.

To determine your life purpose / passion, you need to determine the one thing you do better than anyone else.  Not only are you the master of this craft but you can get paid doing it. If you are not sure where to start, I can always assist you through a life coaching session.

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For example, you may be working as a florist right now but have always dreamed of being a painter.  You used to draw and make sketches as a child but someone kept whispering in your ear, feeding your insecurities and telling you; you could never make a living at this.  You’re not good enough and how are you going to pay your bills being an artist?  Sound familiar?  So who convinced you this was impossible?

If you struggle with confidence and self esteem issues, you may be interested in a course I created specifically for individuals who need that extra boost to stay committed and unleash their potential. 

5 easy steps to build your confidence

I believe people, society and culture have placed certain standards and expectations on us which cause us to question are abilities. Most of these judgments are untrue and can lead is on a path far from our true calling. This ultimately causes unrest in our life and can lead to disappointment and sadness.

Understanding your hidden talents and believing anything is possible can empower you to reach new heights.   Your passion is the one thing you were meant to do to fulfill your life’s purpose and when you are doing your passion it does not feel like work.

You wake up each morning with a smile on your face and eager to begin the day. The excitement is palpable, it radiates from your soul and others want to be around you to absorb your energy and power.
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So Now Let’s Start The Discovery Phase…

Begin by having a brainstorming session with yourself:

  1. Write down your talents in your journal and what you excel at.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s large or small. 
  2. Now ask yourself; If I could get paid to do this one thing, I think I would be living the dream. Whether it’s a chef, nurse, teacher, etc. Make sure it’s something you are GREAT at and have the passion to pursue.
  3. Once you discovered your special talent, it’s time to unlock the door to your dream and begin moving in this direction.  TAKE ACTION!! Do at least one task – everyday that will move you in a forward direction towards your passion. Yes, I did say everyday!! Even if it is something small – Just do it!
  4. Create an outline with a clear direction of where you are heading without trying to determine what it looks like in advance.
  5. Once your start down this path make sure you follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance.  It is ALWAYS right!  Sometimes it can be the difficult path but I guarantee it will be worth it in the end!

It will take courage, perseverance and patience.  Your journey will have many twists, roadblocks, hills and valleys but I am confident, if the power within you to succeed is greater than the power to fail, you will cultivate your dream and live a life you have always dreamed.

I believe in YOU and I know you have everything within you to succeed. Stay focused and make sure your gifts and talents are a true expression of love and to be of service to mankind.  Wishing you good health, happiness, and recognizing your passion for LIFE!

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