How To Overcome Self-Doubt – Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals

You can conquer your fears, however, the first step is always the most difficult. Life has a unique way of throwing curve balls when we least suspect.  We go through the motions of going to work, buying our first house, being a parent, paying bills, vacations and then one day we wake up and wonder where the years have gone.

Our life review may involve looking at our career, our age, home environment, the choices are children have made and those pesky pounds that just seem to stick like super glue.  I’m sure you have asked yourself; is this the best it gets? 

You see my goal was to become a super star in my field but I was always getting passed by for the promotion.  I was tired all the time and not motivated like I used to be.  Whatever happened to my dreams and goals?  Does any of this resonate with you?

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Did life’s routine seem to shatter your dreams or make them just a distant memory.  Isn’t it time to stop thinking about it and do something to change your situation. You have ALL the power within you to make the change.

Think about it – we make 1000’s of choices every day.  From brushing our teeth, to taking shower and deciding what to make for breakfast.  What makes changing a job, losing weight or changing your home environment any different?  Yes, the changes may seem larger but again it’s about choices.

Be Fearless

1.  Create Your “To Do” List

It’s not about taking giant steps it’s the little steps you take each day to reach your goal.  I find the best way to keep myself accountable is by writing my “To Do” list every morning.  There is something motivating about writing down those items you need to complete in black and white.  When you begin to cross out the completed items it absolutely gives you a sense of freedom and satisfaction.  Just begin this simple task and I know you will be surprised with your results.

2.  Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions is all about staying focused on your task and not putting it off until later. Staying focused means not letting others interrupt you or allowing the noise in your work or home environment to distract you.  It also means not thinking about other tasks which are less urgent, more enjoyable or easier to complete.    

Remember… A distraction is anything that grabs your attention and prevents you from putting your mind to your task and completing it in the time allotment. 

Questions to think about: 

  • What are the worst distractions for you? 
  • What, if anything, can you do to avoid them?
3.  Embrace Imperfection

Perfectionism is an all-or-nothing mentality: Something is either perfect, or it is a failure. People with these type of tendencies  wait until things are perfect in order to proceed.  If it’s not perfect, it cannot be finished or if it is not the perfect time, then it’s not even worth starting.  This all-or-nothing mentality can hold you back from starting or completing your tasks.

Instead, focus on being less than perfect. This means you still strive for excellence, but at the same time, you focus on getting the job done.   Getting something done is better than doing nothing.

Final Thoughts

Be fearless and begin by make the right choices which will lead you to your destiny.  Always thinking about your dream will not make it a reality until you start putting action behind those thoughts.  Thoughts without action will keep you in the same world of uncertainty.

I want you to Dream Big and I want you to Dream Large.  You have all the power to be anything and everything!

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