How To Be Productive and Get More Done Each Day

Having too many things to do at one time can be overwhelming causing you to do absolutely nothing.  In order to be productive and get your To Do list accomplished you must have a plan.

Many times we have good intentions and we plan to complete the tasks at hand but we get side tracked.  Whether its social media, Netflix, texting or  gaming our focused gets redirected and then we end up accomplishing very little.

On the other hand, you maybe telling your family and co-workers you’re really busy but are you really achieving your desired results?   Maybe.. Sometimes.. or Not Really.

Isn’t it time to gain clarity and take control of your life today.  Let’s change your mindset from being busy to being productive allowing you to accomplish more.

Let’s get started and have a look at some tips to increase your productivity and complete those tasks that are sitting right at your finger tips!!

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How To Be Productive and get more done each day

1. Plan Your Day

If you want to stay productive each day, then make your To Do list every single morning.  Yes, I did say EVERY morning. How can you stay on task unless you have something in front of you reminding you what needs to be completed.

This list should be planned according to their order of importance.   They should actually be items that are meaningful, practical and keep you focused.

If you start your day with detailed plans, I guarantee you will accomplish your items and stay productive.  You might even realize,  you have left out some important things and you may need to add them to the list.

My husband does this every day.  :):).  If he forgets to write down an item  that was NOT on his list, (heaven forbid) he will add it and then cross it off.  Really??  Why?  However, I laugh every time he does it.  You do whatever keeps you productive and on point.

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2. Focus On One Thing At A Time

Some people are good at multitasking, but even that can’t match the quality of results from giving each item on your To Do list its own time and space.

Attend to each item according to their order of importance (a job whose deadline is closest should be given top priority).

Also consider tasks needing immediate attention and those items which will consume a lot of time.  Respect each item on your list, give it the appropriate time and you will see your productivity soar to new heights.

3. Remove Distractions

Remove those items preventing you from being productive.  You know which items I’m referring to…  Yes, your cell phone, video games, music, surfing the net, reading a book, going shopping, watching TV, these are just a few of the distractions you should avoid.

You cannot focus on completing your tasks if you are being tempted by  distractions.  Make a commitment, stay disciplined and focused on completing your To Do list.   Let your calls go to voicemail and avoid answering emails immediately.

Once you begin completing your items, take a break and return phone messages and emails.  By allotting a specific time for these miscellaneous items, you will be able to put your valuable time to good use and stay productive.

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4. Prepare For Obstacles

Does everything you do have to be perfect?  Do you know perfection is one of the biggest culprits of productivity.

We have been taught for years being perfect was a good thing.   Getting good grades, having the perfect outfit, the perfect hair, the perfect house, basically perfect everything.

However, perfection can lead to burnout.  By perfecting specific items in our life other areas suffer. For example: if you’re debating about what outfit looks the best every morning, then you are going to have to get up earlier, take a shower, eat breakfast, you will not be sleeping less and you will miss quality time with your loved ones.

Why?  Because you will have to go to bed early in order to have enough time to rise in shine and be “the perfectionist” each morning.

If you are a perfectionist, you automatically set high standards for yourself.  You want to be the best of everything but sometimes the risk maybe too high, so you just don’t do it.

You create an obstacle in your path preventing you from trying something new. When you don’t step outside of your comfort zone, you are not living a productive life.  Ouch, I know this seems harsh but true.

You must accept you may not be the best at everything, however, I want you to settle with “I am good enough” which allows you to achieve more in less time.  So are you ready for this challenge?  I know you are, so I say go for it!

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5. Create Balance At Work and Home

Maintaining balance between work and home can be a real challenge for a lot of us.  Every day we are juggling relationships, heavy workloads, family commitments and the stress related to these factors can cause our life-work balance to be off.

To begin with… let’s look at 4 components of our lives. I want you to evaluate each bullet item so you can evaluate where the unbalance maybe occurring.   Once you determine where your scale is off balance, then its about taking the corrective action to find the peace, the balance and the tranquility in your life.  So let’s get started:

  • Work: Are you pushing yourself every day to achieve your goals versus enjoying the ride and working through your obstacles just one day at a time?
  • Social: Are you saying yes to every event, meeting or social interaction or are you taking time for self care and self love?
  • Family: Are you delivering on every family obligation or are you creating healthy boundaries and delegating?
  • Fun: Are you allocating time for fun activities or are you making sure everyone else is having fun first and then you come second?

Like anything in life, it takes time and effort to change old habits and create new ones.  However, by being present and staying on track there is a greater chance you will see change and create a more balanced life.

6. Delegate To Others

In order to stay productive, you must be able to delegate activities to other people.  I understand delegating isn’t easy and I can hear you say:  “No one can do it like I can” – Right?  I know, I have been there to!

We wait until we are so overwhelmed and stressed we have no other alternative but too Delegate. We would be so much more productive if we could just let go of the reigns and trust the other person will do it correctly and accurately.

Delegating is a skill and it an be learned over time. As part of this process of letting go, begin by developing a priority system for specific tasks.

The least important items are delegated to others, while you can do the more difficult or demanding tasks.  However, once a task is delegated let them execute it on their terms, but always remember to verify that the task is moving in a forward direction.

I know it takes patience and trust but the sooner you start, the sooner you will become more productive and proficient in delegating tasks.  Understand the process will never be perfect, but that’s how we learn and grow.  It’s about making those adjustments along the way.

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