15 Life Changing Books You Need To Read

Isn’t it interesting how one book can really change your perspective about life.  I have read each of the books listed below and every single one of them has had a profound impact on my life.  

They are all unique in their approach but leave a lasting mark on your heart, mind and soul.  As you read them, let them shape the way you think and improve your overall well-being.

Follow Your Own Interest. Love Your Life. Be True to Yourself.

We always grow when we expand our knowledge and think outside of ourselves.  Our ultimate goal is not to follow in someone else’s footsteps, but to carve out a new path where you can live a meaningful and fulfilling life enriching others.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Purchase ==> To Kill a Mockingbird

The author, Harper Lee, uses unique characters to help the reader understand how there was a huge issue with civil rights and racism in the segregated Southern part of the United States in the 1930s. Told through the eyes of a young girl, you learn about her father Atticus Finch, an attorney, who hopelessly tries to prove the innocence of a black man accused of rape.

Purchase ==> The Five People You Meet In Heaven

This is a novel written by Mitch Albom.  The story is about about Eddie, a war veteran, who feels he is living a meaningless life of fixing rides at a amusement park.  When Eddie dies and is sent to heaven, he encounters five people who had a significant impact on his live when he was alive.  The story is heartbreaking, moving and life affirming.

Purchase ==> The Alchemist

This is a novel by Paulo Coelho.  It follows the journey of a shepherd boy named Santiago.  He has this recurring dream of finding a treasure at the pyramids of Egypt.  On his journey he encounters a wise alchemist who  teaches him to understand his true self.  His quest leads him to riches far out reaching and more satisfying than he ever imagined.

Purchase ==> The Last Lecture

This is a  story of Randy Pausch who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He tries to tie up all of his unfinished business and leave a living legacy for his children.  He speaks about courage, determination and anyone who is open to life lessons derived by experience. I highly recommend this read.  It will CHANGE your life!

Purchase ==> The Secret

Written by Rhona Byrne, this book can make a significant impact on the way you live your life.  You will learn how to use the Secret in every part of your life relating to money, health, relationships and happiness.    The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness.  To date, the Secret remains as one of the longest-running bestsellers of this century.

Purchase ==> Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

This inspirational guide will help you place your obstacles and challenges into perspective, in order to reduce your stress and anxiety.  He explains by making small little changes each day, it will keep you on a path to achieve your dreams and goals.  The author wants you to think about your problems as potential teachers where you do one thing at a time, celebrate your victories and trust your instinct.  

Purchase ==> The Shack

Mack experiences great sadness when his youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and their is evidence she may have been murdered.  His broken heart deprives him of the ability to love his family and friends. However, something changes when he receives an invitation from “Papa” to join him at the shack for the weekend.  The message he receives that day changes Mack’s world and it just may change yours!!

Purchase ==> The Book Thief

The story is narrated by Death and it is about an 11 year old by the name of Leisel Meminger, known as the Book Thief.  She is suffering from her baby brother’s death and her mother has just dropped her off to some foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann at the beginning of WWII.  Leisel has stolen a book that someone dropped at her brother’s gravesite and this is where she begins her fascination with books.

Purchase ==> The Greatest Networker in the World

John Milton Fogg takes you on a journey where you free yourself of old beliefs, he encourages you to create better habits, and tells you how to do it. He illustrates wonderful techniques and strategies for building a successful  business plus a better YOU!  He is a an amazing writer and story teller. 

Purchase ==> The Good Earth

This book is about Wang Lung, a Chinese peasant, who is a poverty-stricken farmer. He marries a slave who is not very attractive, however she is strong and hardworking and together they beat the odds.  They turn their lives around become very wealthy. Throughout the story there is much joy and there is also heartbreak and tragedy. This is one of those books that everyone needs to read. Nearly 90 years after it was published, it is still relevant and vital.

Purchase ==> A Simple Path

This book breathes life into living simply.  Mother Teresa walked the talk and led by example. She is an inspiration to the world and her simple path show us how to live and give to others unconditionally.  It’s a very easy read and can be reread when you need that little boost to stay on the path.

Purchase ==> Left To Tell

This is a story of a Rwandan genocide survivor, Immaculee. She survived with seven other women in a bathroom that was 3ft by 4ft for three months. Because of what took place, God’s presence was made known to her in a way many of us will never know.  I guarantee this book will forever change your life. It is beautifully written and speaks about faith, grace, forgiveness and love.

Purchase ==> The Power Of Now

Eckhart Tolle shows us how to maintain a deep sense of peace, joy and fulfillment and to stay mindful throughout the chaos. All the concepts he reviews are very real and attainable. The goal is to break through the noise barrier of the mind and by doing so, you attain a total awareness of being alive, gaining clarity and staying present.

The Glass Castle

Purchase ==> The Glass Castle

This amazing true story is about Jeannette Walls who grew up dirt poor in a dysfunctional family with a severe alcoholic father and an irresponsible dreamer of a mother. The poverty she experienced is gut wrenching. However, she had the guts, tenacity and intelligence to remove herself from this chaos.  Jeannette and her siblings emerge as responsible, successful adults in an overwhelming difficult situation.

The Giving Tree

Purchase ==> The Giving Tree

This book touches on feelings, selfishness, caring and giving. It really tugs at every emotion you go through at one time or another in your life. Through your own eyes and mind, you can interpret this book through your own personal experiences.  It is the perfect gift for anyone at any age.

However, there are additional books that also deserve to be recognized and given there space in this blog. The Art of War, As a Man Thinket, The Diary of a Young Girl, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Road Less Traveled and Conversations with God.

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